Simple turned pouches

Based on various paintings.

13th – 15th ct.
Simple turned pouches with a decorated flap. Available in two different sizes and various colors, fittings and stampings.

Big pouch: 45 Euro

Small pouch: 065 Euro

Gothic pouch

Based on finds in Dordrecht, NL.

15th ct.
Turned gothic pouch with pouchlets. Lamb leather top with calf leather lining. Pursebar optional (brass pursebar customized only). Brass buckle based on English finds.
Custom made only.
Price on demand

Belt pouch

Own design
Belt pouch made from stout cattle leather with outward facing seams (hand sewn).
90 Euro

Genovese militia pouch

Based on a fresco from Genova.

14th ct.
Stout cattle leather with outward facing seams, brass belt fittings. The purse is worn with a Basilard dagger tucked behind pouch and belt, so that its parry sits on the brass. Due to the brass fitting opening the purse is possible without it falling down. Pulling the dagger from its sheath enables the wearer to discard the purse in the blink of an eye.
100 Euro